About Fixer in Nepal

Himalayan Fixer in Nepal

Himalayan Fixer is a team of film fixers/local coordinators based in Nepal specializing in production support since 2002 with access to a large network of Production Companies, filmmakers, and journalists. They have in the past and continue to collaborate with international filming companies on account of which they have created a reputation, domestically, for themselves as one of the most reliable group of people to work with. Whether it be filming permits, transportation requirements, equipment rentals, location scouting, and other such local fixing needs, Himalayan Fixer provides it all, all the while ensuring a comfortable filming experience. They have an eye for perfection and they never fail to deliver!

Whether it be film permits, transportation, equipment, and local fixing, Himalayan Fixer provides all these services for foreign filmmakers for filming in Nepal. Local coordinator specializing in production support since 2002 has access to a large network of Production Companies, filmmakers, fixers, and journalists in Nepal.

Why do you need a fixer?

Networking and Back up

Connections with the largest network of Journalists, Production Houses, and Travel Agencies in Nepal and is backed up by the largest production house in Nepal.


Can process permit applications and documents beyond Red Tape. Knows where to go, how to go, when to go and whom to meet.

Cultural Interpreter

Not just a translator but a good storyteller, enthusiastic about engaging in discussions and interpretations regarding the vast cultural diversity in Nepal.


Can prepare travel plans, film itinerary, location reports, etc. through extensive research and location scouting. Has access to local sources all over Nepal.


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