Things to Know Before Applying for Filming Permit in Nepal

Applying for Filming Permit in Nepal? List of things you should know! Process of acquiring Filming Permit in Nepal-Simplified! With its scenic locations, filming in Nepal seems to be every filmmaker’s dream. It’s not a hidden fact that Nepal is an open studio for filming. The Government of Nepal focuses on the continued development, retention, competitiveness, […]

Transportation In Nepal

Nepal is a small,  landlocked country sharing its border with China and India. Since Nepal is mostly mountainous and has a rough and rugged topography, the transport system here is an intriguing phenomenon. The country’s transportation system poses great opportunities and risks all at the same time for film production. Roadways and airways are Nepal’s […]

Filming Permit In Nepal

Filming Permit In Nepal – Your ultimate guide for acquiring Filming Permit in Nepal. How to apply for a filming permit in Nepal? Applying for a Film Permit in Nepal is simpler and easier. As a tourism-based country, the government of Nepal supports international film professionals visiting Nepal. The nation has directed its focus to […]