Filming Permit In Nepal

Filming Permit In Nepal

Filming Permit In Nepal – Your ultimate guide for acquiring Filming Permit in Nepal.

How to apply for a filming permit in Nepal?

Applying for a Film Permit in Nepal is simpler and easier. As a tourism-based country, the government of Nepal supports international film professionals visiting Nepal. The nation has directed its focus to promote itself as the ultimate filming destination in the world as well as to promote its tourism industry.

Nepal comprises all the resources that a filmmaker needs. Nepal proudly claims itself rich in culture, tradition, and natural scenic beauty. The very saying, “Nepal Provides” is one of the examples foreign filmmakers can find while filming here. For this, the Nepal government grants permission to film almost everywhere in the country with a simple one time National Filming Permit.

With the help of the local producer/ Fixer, you can apply for the film permit. The fixer takes care of the process and provides application services. You need to get documents prepared and sent to the local coordinator in advance for easy entry to Nepal with equipment and also for visa application. Nepal provides visa on arrival to filmmakers coming for filming in Nepal but need custom clearance for the equipment.

It takes 2-7 working days for the overall application process and to obtain the filming permit in Nepal. You can follow up and get updates from the fixer regarding the process. The local coordinator or fixer in Nepal provides necessary documents as a sample for easy preparation of the documents. The fixer in Nepal arranges all the document and acquires the permit prior to the international crew’s arrival for filming in Nepal.

What documents do you need to prepare to apply for the filming permit in Nepal?

  1. Synopsis: This should include brief details on the overall production concept.
  2. Assignment Letter: This letter should address the fixer/local producer to be appointed as the local coordinator for the services provided.
  3. Passport Scan: The scan copy of passports of all the foreign crew traveling for filming in Nepal.
  4. Itinerary: Brief Schedule of production with details starting from the arrival date to the date of departure.
  5. Equipment List: List of equipment to be brought in with serial numbers, weight, and price.
  6. Travel Itinerary: Travel details or flight details of arrival and departure in Nepal.
  7. Film Permit Application form: Signed and Stamped.
  8. Agreement Contract: A contract between the foreign client and fixer in Nepal parties duly signed.

Which part of the government body grants filming permits in Nepal?

Filming Permit is granted by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology. The ministry grants filming permit after agreeing to follow the set of rules provided. The mandatory documents are to be presented at the time of application for the filming permit in Nepal. It requires a local coordinator/fixer to apply on behalf of the foreign film crew to process and apply for any kind of filming permit.

The new and updated rule of the government of Nepal, The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology charges a minimum fee for the application process and is payable at the time of application. This is a one time fee and covers any number of days of filming in Nepal with a maximum time frame of the fiscal year of application. For more details and updated information, Make An Inquiry.

What is Foreign Movies Development Permission?

Filming permits in Nepal vary depending upon the sensitivity of the location of filming. The Foreign Movies Development Permission(National Film Permit) also known simply as filming permit, includes additional permits as per the requirement of the applicant. Filming in Nepal without permission is considered a legal offense. Acquiring the permit safeguards the footage and provides easy access to locations. Any filmmakers or production company traveling to Nepal for any kind of video shoot needs to apply for a filming permit in Nepal.

Here are the details: Foreign Movies Development Permission

  1. Heritage area permit.
  2. National Park and Conservation Area Filming Permit
  3. Drone and Aerial Imaging/ Filming Permit
  4. Liaison Officer/ Monitoring Officer
  5. Custom Clearance

Himalayan Fixer in Nepal has access beyond the red tape in all government bodies granting filming permit, custom clearance and drone permit in Nepal. Himalayan Fixer has proven to be the best local coordinator and fixer in Nepal to successfully obtain permits and swiftly process custom clearance to its wide range of clients.


7 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Fixer

Why do I need a Fixer in Nepal?

You have a problem and don’t want anyone to know? Call our professional fixers. For an average person, legal help would be the first resort. However, there are many ways to skin a fish. Himalayan Fixer in Nepal can fix any kind of problem. We come in during moments of crisis and publicity faux pas. It’s easy to think professional fixers are out of your reach, and that you have to fix your own mess. And you may be right—many people can’t afford the thousands it takes to hire one. That’s why you must seek out a “fixer” among your own. Still not convinced you need one? Here’s a breakdown of why you do.

1. You Lack Street Knowledge.

To some, the street literally means the sidewalk. Across urban neighborhoods, there are savvy, street-smart men and women who have made something of themselves without school. They are starting companies, running them, or contributing to the arts or commerce in some kind of beneficial way. Study them. You never know where these relationships lead; you must keep your options open and your network wide. Without certain street knowledge and ways to negotiate, you fall victim to games, cons, tricksters, and all kinds of confusion in everyday life.

2. Your Professional Network Is Made Up Of Mostly Co-workers Or High School Buddies

After the age of 25, you need more. Branch out into different social circles that reflect your grown-up interests in business, philanthropy or the arts. You will meet people there who can introduce you to people you need to meet. An affluent professional network takes years to cultivate. With proper care, you will find that this alone can change your entire life.

3. You Don’t Know Anyone Who Can Vouch For Your Character If You Are In Trouble

Everyone needs someone they can call on to write a decent letter of recommendation or sit in the witness stand. No one will second-guess them because they are not related to you, like your mother or Uncle Max. Establish a network with successful types who have your back. A professional fixer can find this person on your behalf.

4. You Don’t Know Anyone Who Can Green light A Project Or Decision

Do you need to get your documents approved to move on with your life? Someone who can green light a project can make a difference between eating or not, waiting or not, is a lifesaver and game changer. This is particularly important for those in government and entertainment sectors where red tape or a guy in a big office can stand between you and a dream. Fixers can open doors.

5. You Don’t Know Anyone Who Can Give You Money, Lots Of It

A fixer with money can hire a PR pro or even a brand management firm to help you. They can also pay lawyers to work on your behalf. This is essential when you are broke and have no other recourse. The fixer will see it as an investment in you. This means that you must be someone of promise or accomplishment. If a professional fixer doesn’t have money, then they should have access.

6. You Have Too Many Friends And Not Enough Associates

A professional fixer can be a long-term associate (not necessarily friend) who has the following things: money, access, connections to shadow places like the street, clandestine partners and resources, and some charm. Friends have too many questions. Associates are best to turn to in a pickle. You won’t disappoint them since they have no expectations. They have little to lose because they haven’t invested their time in you, and yet, may be intrigued. If you’re being blackmailed by someone you know, but need in your life, a friend may just ask you to call the cops. Olivia Pope, would never do that.

7. You Are In The Wrong Social Circle

Most young fixers in-the-making are already in high places, establishing relationships. If you went to the local college, it’s not too late to get it right. There are short-term programs for professionals looking to enhance their skills. Get in one of these, and grab as many business cards as possible. You may need it one day. Fixers have to start somewhere. A relationship with a professional fixer is transnational. You only call them when you need them. If you go with someone who is not quite “professional” make sure you have something to offer them in return—notoriety, secrecy, or an introduction. Like the saying goes: nothing in life is ever free.

Filming in Nepal, What It Takes To Be the No. 1 Film Fixer?

How Fixers understand the need of its clients who are filming in Nepal?

Filming in Nepal most of the times, the importance and work of a fixer goes unrecognized. The efforts put in by fixers to make things become successful is remarkable. Making everything go right in risky situations is not a joke. A Fixer in Nepal gets less credit for their work as it is not seen on screen. The tiny but precise details needed to make a project perfect are all added by fixers. Especially in Nepal, being a fixer is not always sunshine and rainbows.

As Nepal has just started to be internationally recognized as one of the best filming locations in the world, there is a much larger audience that is unaware of its beauty. So, communicating with the global audience is not an easy thing to do. Taking responsibility of foreign filmmakers and standing for Nepal’s breathtaking views requires communication skills and a strong confident individual.

Not only that, a fixer in Nepal has to make sure that everything needed for the team is available at the right time and of the best quality while filming in Nepal. For example, tasks such as collecting visas and permits, booking flights, arranging comfortable transportation and finding the best accommodations are all done by the fixer. Such works done are not recognized on paper, but they surely do take a lot of time and effort to pull off.

Through the years, going through all the ups and downs, we surely have learned a lot of good lessons. We never fail to give our clients the best services. We constantly strive to be on the top of the game. Even if we stumble, we can ensure you that our experiences have shaped us in such a way that makes us get right back up and aim for success.


One of the most important jobs of a fixer is to pay attention to the tiny details that usually get ignored. A fixer in Nepal should have good focus and precision when working with a crew filming in Nepal. Perfectionism should be seen in every detail of the work done, whether it be huge or small. The ideology of perfectionism and professionalism has aspired us into becoming one of the topmost fixer in Nepal.

Through time, we have evolved into becoming perfectionists and do not agree on anything unless it sounds perfect to us. Anything from research, management, equipment, transportation, hospitality and locations, need to be ideal and as desired by the client who are filming in Nepal.

Swift Decision

Making decisions is a part of everyone’s day to day life. For a fixer, being able to make important decisions on the spot is on the daily. Making the right decision requires years of practice and the correct mindset. Even in stressful situations, fixer in Nepal have to instantly make decisions for everyone, that should be safe and effective. Similarly, problem-solving capabilities should be in the genes. If something does not go as planned, a plan B should be ready. While filming in Nepal, for us, failure is simply not an option.

New Challenges

Nepal has people of different cultures, ethnic groups, and backgrounds. It is important to preserve the old traditions, but brings up a task for fixers and filmmakers. Diversity in Nepal can be seen in all terms such as food, rituals, and beliefs. So, implementing the same knowledge and ideas in different projects may not work out. Every project exposes us to different situations and lifestyles. The challenges faced are unique. The only common ground in this is interaction with the locals.

The problem-solving methods also have to be modified and improvised according to the individuals fixer in Nepal have to deal with. For example, interacting with children requires the use of simple language, and interacting with the elderly requires a lot of sensitivity and respect. There is also a lot of convincing that needs to be done when shooting in local areas as people have different mindsets.


Simply put, a fixer in Nepal needs to fix complications. Sounds simple, unless it is time to actually fix the problems. Fixing requires tremendous knowledge of basically everything. From mending cars and working drones, to giving up their own comfort for someone else’s security, fixers do everything. If someone gets a small cut, providing first-aid is done by the fixer. Thus, fixer in Nepal fix everything that needs to be fixed.

Country’s Reputation

When foreigners trust us locals for filming in Nepal, our country gets involved directly or indirectly. We become known as the Nepalese. So, Himalayan Fixer‘s identity puts more pressure on us as there is a reputation and status that needs to be maintained; both of our company, and our country. We see that as a good thing, as it pushes us to work even better. If we make a mistake, the reputation of our team of fixer in Nepal, and our country will definitely be affected, so we work hard to make sure that everything goes as planned with honesty and transparency.


Filming in Nepal can be stressful. Feelings of failure or disruption may come and go. The weather conditions and extreme climate of Nepal can be very challenging for filmmakers to shoot in. However, Himalayan Fixer in Nepal is trained to work in such conditions and motivate everyone to work according to their greatest potential. Fixer in Nepal will be the energy sources that will brighten up every moment, and every shot.

The assistance and service of Himalayan Fixer and Threemm team, along with the mesmerizing scenic beauty of Nepal, will not let anyone see themselves as a failure. You will be provided with the best fixing services and experiences that are available here in Nepal.

Film Fixer In Nepal-Himalayan Fixer

Film Fixer In Nepal – Himalayan Fixer

Nepal’s topography extends from the mystical mountains to huge flatland, making it seem like a humongous film set. The magnificence of its geography and the unexplored features of its marvelous landscape is a visual treat even for the locals. People from all over the world visit to rejoice in and treasure its extreme geographical disparities. Exploring such a diverse country is a challenging task in itself and this experience is intensified by the absence of clear walking trails and/or a sound internet connection. The busy streets and confusing roads of Nepal could oftentimes discourage foreign filmmakers from accomplishing their goals and create obstacles in their travel plans. 

A local film fixer in Nepal then steps in and takes up this challenge, ensuring the safety of the team and the successful completion of the task at hand. Fixers need to be well trained and well experienced. The perfect combination of knowledge and intuition they possess aid them in paying attention to the minutest details, making them the ultimate problem solvers and the best travel buddy. Their investigative and analytical skills assist them in forward thinking to not just avoid pitfalls but apply innovative solutions to any and all kinds of problems. 

Due to an extremely diverse population there are 123 different languages spoken in Nepal despite Nepali being the official language. People living in remote areas and sometimes even in the city, communicate in languages other than the official language. This language barrier could become an issue while filming as basic instructions could be misunderstood. Hence, fixers are trained to interact with the locals and have a wider range of languages that they can speak and/or understand. Our diverse team comprises of fixers from different ethnic backgrounds of Nepal, each one specializing in their own mother tongue. 

Oftentimes, a nation’s political climate dictates the journey of a project. As Nepal is still in a transitional phase, there is a lot of political turmoil that may/may not affect filming plans including scheduled dates, locations, travel plans etc. However, complying with the rules and legality of one’s country is a must and with our collaborative fixers team we are in constant touch with one another discussing any possible disturbances that may occur before the onset and right through the offset of our projects.

We possess a large network of drivers, hotel owners, journalists from all over Nepal whom we are in constant touch with in order to avoid possible delays and drawbacks. We relay this information to the visiting foreign filmmakers in order to make sure their filming journey in Nepal is effortless and successful. 

For international travelers and foreign filmmakers Nepal happens to be quite an affordable country. However, the issue of fair pay must not be overlooked. A local fixer ensures fair and transparent transactions in order to make sure the project is beneficial for all. They also make sure nobody is overcharged and/or overworked and that the finances are handled professionally, with utmost honesty and transparency. Our team of fixers are trained in logging expenditure cost and pay details of every project that we are a part of. 

Respecting the privacy of the locals and understanding cultural differences are important factors that one needs to pay attention to whilst filming in Nepal or any foreign country. Our team of fixer in Nepal are well versed in this and will facilitate as a bridge between filmmakers and the local communities eliminating communication gap and ensuring a healthy and comfortable exchange of culture through ideas and dialogue. 

The benefits of opting for a fixer service are endless but travel and logistics happens to be one of the most important ones. There are a lot of remote areas in Nepal that serve the perfect landscape for filmmakers to film, but access in and around such areas could, more often than not, be challenging. Adapting to a foreign lifestyle is always tough and it could take a while before one knows just the right place to eat and stay in a foreign land. A fixer Nepalwill make sure to go location scouting and communicate these details beforehand in order to ensure your comfort and provide you with the best service in town.