Frequently Asked Questions

How Applying for filming permit is easy in Nepal?

Filming permits are easily obtainable in Nepal. The country promotes filming industry and assists foriegn filmmakers for filming inside Nepal. Permissions are issued to filmmakers in Nepal for the promotion of filming destinations in Nepal. Government grants permission within 10-15 working days with minimum charges.

How to apply for a film permit?

First of all you need a Local Coordinator. Himalayan Fixer takes care of all the filming permit application process and processing them through the right channels or government departments.

Looking for a Fixer?

Film Professionals looking for filming in Nepal and a professional fixer to take care of all the problems can hire Himalayan Fixer. Fixer takes care of Translation, Permits, Transportation and equipment hire in Nepal.

How do I find a local coordinator?

You can hire Fixer or a local film production company as a coordinator. Himalayan Fixer specialize in working for filmmakers from around the globe.

What kind of production can apply for a shooting permit at the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology?

TV commercials, documentaries, music videos,TV programs, feature films, mini- series,TV serials, etc that do not contain any negative connotation or unfavorable message about Nepal and its people can apply for permission at the Ministry of Information and Communications.

How long does it take to receive permission at Ministry of Communication and Information Technology?

The process will be completed within 10-15 working days depending on the type of film requirement.

What documents should I submit for film permit?

The required documents are as follows:
1. A letter made by the assigned local coordinator, informing the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology of the purpose of applying for the shooting permit.
2. An assignment letter made by the foreign filmmaker, showing that they have already chosen and hired a local coordinator.
3. Application form provided.
4. Storyboard/ Synopsis stating briefly about the film.
5. A schedule of filming in Nepal specifying period of filming and shooting locations.
6. Name-list, passport numbers, positions and arrival dates of all foreign film crews.

Himalayan Fixer will provide the details and can support to help prepare the necessary documents

How do I know if my film will obtain the permission to shoot?

Permission will be issued after your script has been studied. If it is not acceptable, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology will give you the reasons.Whether you agree to make changes to your script is entirely up to you.

Are there any restrictions?

When applying for filming in Nepal, it is advisable that you do not have anything in the script that offends Nepal’s national institutions, religion, customs and culture.The film must not be deemed as a threat to security. Finally, shooting must not cause any significant effect/damage on the natural environment.

How do I need to pay for the location fees?

Location fees and other production matters should be discussed with the appointed local coordinator.This is why it is essential to appoint an experienced coordinator. S/he will deal with all the production issues.

What is the duty of the Ministry’s representative?

The duty of the Ministry’s representative or Liaison Officer is to make sure that what is actually being shot has followed the script that has been approved by the Ministry. In case the scenes vary from the script, the representative is there to advice as to whether it is possible to shoot those scenes or not.

What kind of visa do we need?

Crews intending to stay in Nepal within the filming permit period can acquire a tourist visa.

Do short-stay crew need work permits?

No, they don’t.

Do I strictly need to get permission before shooting in Nepal?

Yes, you do. Shooting without a permit is a violation of the law.

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