Film Fixer In Nepal – Himalayan Fixer

Film Fixer In Nepal - Himalayan Fixer

Film Fixer In Nepal – Himalayan Fixer

Film Fixer in Nepal: The geography of Nepal is simply magnificent. The unseen features of the marvelous landscapes can be astounding even for the locals. Nepal’s topography extends from great mystical mountains to huge flatland, that makes it seem like a humongous movie set. The extreme disparities of the geographical areas are seen as a treasure by some of the greatest talents in the world. Walking through the mountains, and the jungles is a dangerous task on its own, especially when walking trails do not exist, and Google maps do not work. In that case, a person needs to step in and take the responsibility of a perfect guide; a fixer.

A lot of foreign filmmakers are unknown to the busy streets and confusing roads of Nepal. In that situation, a fixer is a must. Fixers need to be well experienced, their intuition should be close to perfect, and they should give importance to tiny details in order to take a team to the right destination at the right time. Any kind of disruption that could occur should be prior known to the fixer.

The main language spoken by the Nepalese is Nepali. However, in some remote areas, or in some places in the city, people speak different languages; their own mother tongue. This language barrier could become an issue while filming, as basic instructions could be misunderstood. Luckily, fixers are soft-spoken, and are trained to interact with the locals at any cost. So, when a fixer is present, this language barrier can easily be sorted out.

In every nation, there are political factors that may hinder filming dates, locations and legality. As Nepal is still in a transitional phase, some conditions could be experienced that could postpone the filming schedules or cause problems while travelling. If filmmakers do not have proper knowledge of the country’s situation, their schedule could be hampered by political decisions. However, if a fixer is by the team’s side, the team will be notified of any kind of disturbance beforehand. Also, foreigners can easily be scammed in Nepal. They could be trapped into paying more money or just be tricked into being robbed. So, a fixer needs to be present in order to make sure that everything is fair and unsuspicious. While filming, the locals will feel comfortable seeing another Nepali around, and will more likely communicate properly.

The benefits of having a fixer service are endless, but one of the most important ones comes down to hygiene. There are a lot of remote areas in Nepal where filmmakers would love to film, but staying there could be a problem. Adapting to the Nepalese lifestyle could take a while, but knowing just the right place to eat and stay is a tough task. A fixer will make sure to check the hygienic status of the place, ensure your comfort, and provide you the best service in town.

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